You Gotta Keep Dancing

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Pain is inevitable in life, but misery is optional! We cannot control the future or what people do. Most people make the mistake of trying to control the uncontrollable and change the unchangeable – it makes them miserable! In this series you will learn how to stop being the victim of other people’s behavior and to let go of what you cannot change or fix. Dr. Mike takes as the central image of this series King David living in a dark cave in the wilderness. The cave is where the music and dancing stops. It’s where life is unfair and people behave badly. The cave is where you are helpless; there are people and things you can’t fix and you are swamped with negativity. In this series Dr. Mike explains how to start dancing again. Even if people do not change, you can! Learn how to be happier than your circumstances say you have a right to be!
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