When Life Caves In

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One of the most important skills in life is knowing how to rebound from pain. Jesus warned that trouble will hit even the best people, but He promised that we can find in Him power to overcome our troubles and our pain. Pain either makes us bitter or better. Even Sigmund Freud, the world’s most famous psychiatrist, could not get over hurts people he loved had given him. Freud took his wounds to his grave. Most people do. In this series Dr. Ladra shows you from the Bible how to be different. Jesus has given us ways to be healed of the most painful hits in life and to live again. The messages in this series will help you with three painful experiences in life: personal failure; unfair events and when people, especially those closest to you, hurt you. This is a series full of Scripture and stories that will encourage you to turn your hurts into stepping stones!
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