What Do You Want For Christmas That Money Can't Buy?

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Sooner or later in our life stores do not have what we most want for Christmas. Everyone comes to a point in life where money can’t buy what you want. Hope for marriage; that a spouse will change; reconciliation with one of your grown children; health; someone who will give you the kind of love you need; joy regardless of how people behave – what do you want for Christmas that money cannot buy? In this series you will: · Learn how not to let the behavior of others mess up your Christmas. · Experience the freedom of dropping your demands of how other people should behave. · Discover how to fight off the blues about your life. Learn what to do when something important to you looks hopeless. · Learn how to stay joyful and positive despite some things you are not happy about. · Be encouraged that you no longer have to allow yourself to be the victim of someone else’s problems. · Remember: Insanity is doing the same thing hoping for better results!
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