What Difference Does Jesus Make

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What was Jesus actually like? So-called ‘scholars’, in an effort to draw attention to themselves, fabricate increasingly bizarre pictures of Jesus. The scholarly community as a whole rejects these as untrue, but the more bizarre the descriptions are, the more attention given them by the media. In this series Dr. Mike gives you the true picture of Jesus. You will see Jesus meet people with the same needs and problems we have today, and in a colorful and practical fashion see the difference Jesus makes! You will be encouraged and inspired when you see Jesus meet: • A woman with zero self-esteem and no trust of men because men had deeply wounded and used her! • A person who thought he had committed the unforgivable sin! • A man who despised Christians and was voted “most unlikely to become a Christian”! • A person who was doing crazy and wild things and everyone had given up on! • A parent who was powerless to help his son! • A man who was ruining his life with self-destructive behavior he couldn’t stop! • A man who couldn’t shake guilt from knowing he almost did the right thing…but didn’t! Let this series bring you up close to Jesus. He will make a difference!
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