The Lord’s Prayer

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The world’s greatest prayer: Jesus taught it though He never prayed it Himself. Why? Because it asks for things Jesus did not need but which we desperately need. This prayer is one of the few things all Christians do together: whether Russian Orthodox, or Coptic, or Catholic or Protestant, all Christians pray this prayer. It is actually a short catechism or Cliff Notes on what Christians believe.

These messages are highly practical and full of humor. You will learn to pray the Lord’s Prayer with much more understanding - - “hallowed be Your name,” “Your Kingdom come” and “lead us not into temptation” will become profoundly empowering and confidence-building for you. With Scripture and quotes ranging from Carl Jung and Freud to great Christian authors, you will learn the power of God’s forgiveness in conquering debilitating habits and weaknesses. You will learn how God can take bad things and make them valuable to you. You will learn how to stay positive and joyfully encouraged even in the worst of times. If you understand the Lord’s Prayer you will gain confidence, courage, and be undiscouragable!

This is a series to share with anyone in tough times or who you want to expose to the basics of Christianity.
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