The Event

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In a very powerful Christmas series, Dr. Mike shows how science is proving the Bible. The universe had a beginning; thus, it had to have a Creator because nothing can create nothing. If the universe had a beginning, then there was nothing before creation, which means there had to have been a Creator who created all this out of nothing!  Using dazzling, gorgeous pictures of the universe (including a picture from the Hubel telescope that shows a cross at the center of our galaxy!), Dr. Mike shows that Jesus was in fact the Creator who came as a baby in a manger.  But His birth was not the BIG EVENT!  Jesus did something even bigger......which you will have to listen to the series to find out!

A tremendously encouraging Christmas series for anyone who thinks there is nothing to work with in their marriage, with a wayward child, with your life.  Be encouraged:  Jesus needs nothing to work with; He can create ‘out of nothing’ just as He did with the universe!

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