The Book Of Revelation - The End Time and the Meantime, Part 1

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Because of its lurid stories of supernatural warfare and its strange (to us in the 21st century) word pictures and symbols, the book of Revelation is hard to understand; it is also hard to put down.
Although it describes the End of Time, its main message is that the Almighty Jesus is sufficient for the hard times in the meantime. This book tells us how God will conquer and judge evil in the End of Time, but in the ‘meantime’, when you are asking “How long must I hurt?”, this book also gives comfort and courage and strength. In this series, you will. . .
• Learn how to prepare for what happens at the End of Time.
• Learn the meaning of symbols in the magnificent descriptions of Jesus; the number 666; the Antichrist; Babylon; the four horsemen of the Apocalypse; and those describing the Judgment Day.
• Learn how to be confident that the Lamb, who is the Almighty, is fighting for you though often invisibly.
• Find relief and answers to your anger about God allowing evil and injustice to continue even though on a short rope.
• Learn how, if you feel weak and helpless, it can be the beginning of God’s power and ministry in your life.
• Find courage to be uncompromising in your morals and beliefs and yet not become self-righteous.

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