Samson: The Baddest Man In The Bible

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The strong man whose weaknesses wrecked him.
Have ever seen weaknesses destroy a person? Have your own weaknesses lead to bad choices you regretted? Everyone has weaknesses. And that’s why Samson can teach us some valuable lessons. We can see ourselves in him. And we can see where weaknesses untamed lead. God had great plans for Samson that never were fulfilled because Samson’s weaknesses wrecked what could have been. And yet in the end, God redeemed Samson’s mistakes and he ended up in God’s Hall of Fame (Hebrews 11)!

In this series you will learn:
• Never give up on people: Nothing and no one is hopeless when God is involved.
• How to stop making the same mistakes in your life.
• The importance of finding and listening to good advice.
• How to conquer your weaknesses before they ruin you.
• Look out for where lust will lead you.
• Big egos lead to big falls.
• God specializes in turning the baddest people into spiritual Hall of Famers.
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