Meet The All-Sufficient God

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This is heart and mind expanding series about the different names of God He has revealed to us. Did you know that according to the need of His people, God revealed His different names, each a revelation and a promise: Each name of God reveals the very nature of God which He never violates, and each name of God is a tremendous promise to us. This is an in-depth series with practical application to our needs. You will discover that God’s names include “healer” (which means we do not have to suffer from our wounds and hurts), “holy” (which means you can always trust Him), “almighty” (nothing no longer is hopeless or impossible in our life) and many other promises to us.

As you learn each name of God, you will be a stronger person and find yourself falling more deeply in love with the God who is devoted to you. This is a series for those who face tough things in life, who are discouraged, or who wonder if they matter to God at all. Is God too busy for you? Or you too insignificant for His attention? Soak yourself in this series and become more and more confident in God!
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