A Closer Relationship With ANYONE.... In 30 Days!

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A Closer Relationship With ANYONE….In 30 Days!


This is a series about any relationship, but especially marriage. Too often things begin so good but end so poorly.


Why is that? What are the most common reasons for breakups and what can we do to avoid being a statistic?


This series is full of biblical insights for lovers, parents, relationships at work, and even with your parents.


Titles in this series are:

  1. When Your Spouse’s Personality Drives You Crazy!
  2. One Of Us Is Weird - - Guess Who?  (Susie Ladra)
  3. Motivating Almost Anyone To Change!
  4. Communicating With A Person From Another Planet?!! (Susie Ladra)
  5. Do Only Weak People Forgive? (Evander Holyfield interview)
  6. How To Beat The #1 Relationship Killer!


A series about relationships even with difficult people!

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