Keeping The Fire Of Love Burning

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Jesus wrote letters to seven churches in the Book of Revelation evaluating the life of believers in each of them. One of the most dramatic letters was to the believers in Ephesus. Jesus compliments them for their strong stand against heresy, their hard work for the church, and their uncompromising stand against immorality. Yet, Jesus is disappointed and critical: They have forsaken their first love (Rev. 2:4), which is their love for Him, and He calls them to return to the love they once had for Him!

This is a series about being in love with Jesus. A.W. Tozer reminds us: “We have forgotten that Jesus is a person and He has feelings like any other person.” The Ephesians, like legions of believers today, began well in their Christian walk but declined and finished poorly. They still worked in the church and believed the Bible, but they had lost the passion of intimacy with Jesus. There is tremendous love and excitement for Jesus when we first become believers, but with the passing of years, a familiarity can develop and we cease to have meaningful private time with the Lord. Our spiritual life declines to the level of quickie “arrow” prayers regarding needs we have instead of sitting in the presence of the Lord listening and praising Him as well as expressing our needs. The “romance” evaporates from our relationship. Yet, Jesus insisted that the most important commandment and priority for believers is to love God with all our heart. He wants more than our belief; Jesus wants our love. Spiritual growth is all about falling more deeply in love with Him. It is in the romance that the joy and deep satisfaction is found in spirituality. It is in love that confidence and hope and peace are found.

This is a series that serves up “spiritual meat” about what it means to grow spiritually. Some controversial issues are faced: Can you loose your salvation; what’s the problem with leaving study of the Bible to the pros; what does Hebrews 6:12 mean when it says they were re-crucifying Jesus; how can a good worker in the church be “numb-eared” to God? With wide-ranging references to the best of psychology and literature, Dr. Ladra explains some difficult Scriptures that will motivate you to renew your passion for God and experience afresh the presence of Him in your daily life! A series for those who want to make the most of their Christian experience!
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