Judas: The Mystery Behind The Man

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It was one of the most popular names for sons in the First Century but abruptly it disappeared. No one names their son ‘Judas” after Jesus’ disciple betrayed Him. Judas – his very name is synonymous with treachery and deceit.

But the Bible is surprisingly restrained with Judas. Absent is harsh condemnation of the betrayer of Jesus. Could it be that Peter and the rest of the disciples had also betrayed Jesus though in a different manner?

Through Judas the Bible teaches us about grace: What if Judas had thrown himself on Jesus’ mercy, as Peter did, instead of hanging himself? Was there any difference between Judas and the rest of the disciples? And why would Judas betray the one whom he loved and who even at the end, when Judas kissed him in betrayal, called Judas “friend”? And doesn’t Judas give us insight into atheism: after all, how could one who had been with Jesus for 3 years, heard Jesus teach and do great miracles as well as forgive unforgivable people, and had himself been empowered supernaturally to heal in the name of Jesus – how could he betray Jesus for money? Judas is a psychological study into human nature.

The life of Judas teaches us great insights into our own behavior and the limitless love and forgiveness of Jesus. This is a series that will encourage you and give you hope as well as explain how it is that good people are
capable of horrible things.
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