Jesus' Favorite Stories

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A little known fact is that the major theme of Jesus teaching was the building of the Kingdom of God. The gospels say that Jesus' first sermon was announcing the invasion of the Kingdom of God into the Kingdom of Darkness through this world. Throughout His ministry He explained what the Kingdom of God meant, who was in it, who was not, and what God expects us to do in building it. The Kingdom of God - - that was the most important issue to Jesus. And to insure that we understood it, He told stories to sidestep our mental obstacles so that truth would dawn upon us.

This series is about Jesus' Favorite Stories. You will learn what Jesus believed about who was a true Christian and who was not; about whether the devil is real or not and what he does; about why Jesus believed in Hell; about why Jesus said there are things that will not happen when we pray.

This series gets into the meat of Christianity and into questions you have always wondered about but never heard a sermon addressed. This series will help you understand the parables of Jesus in a new and profound way.
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