Inconvenient Truths

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A series about facts from science, medicine, psychology and the Word of God that CNN will never tell you. The messages cover some of today’s hottest topics. The approach is grace-based and compassionate. These messages do not throw rocks. But you will hear facts that challenge widespread beliefs. Everyone has to make up their own mind about these issues, but first we need all the facts:
• Fact: Science does not say there is a gay gene. The gay gene is a media myth. You will hear the evidence.
• Fact: the human body was not made for gay sex. The trauma and diseases caused by anal sex.
• Fact: Thousands of gays are ex-gays and happily married. How then can we say gays can’t change because they are born that way?
• Fact: The argument for polygamy is identical to same-sex marriage. The facts about where same-sex marriage has lead in the Netherlands.
• Fact: In Massachusetts schools are teaching gay sex despite parental objections. Gay activists want schools to teach even 1st graders that gay sex is normal.
• Fact: The DNA of the baby in the woman is different from the mother; this is not her flesh but a human being.
• Fact: The Bible says God takes aborted babies to heaven. A stirring assurance of forgiveness from both God and the aborted child!
Titles in this series:
1. Why Aren’t Christians More Tolerant Of Homosexuals?
2. If There’s Love, What’s The Problem With Same Sex Marriage?
3. Abortion: How Can Anyone DARE Tell A Woman What Do?

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