How To Love Difficult People

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Loving people is sometimes a challenge. The back-stabbers, the promise-breakers, the selfish, the users and abusers: How can we love difficult people? Why even bother? What if you are just out of patience, have given your last scrap of forgiveness, or you are boiling with anger and can’t take anymore? What then? Pastor Mike answers those questions with insights from the famous love passage in I Corinthians 13. You will learn why unconditional love is the best choice for yourself even with a person who deserves the very opposite. God’s way will set you free; the human way will tie you up.

You will learn how an impatient person can become patient, how an angry person can change, how a person with legitimate and understandable resentments can get rid of them, and how to get control of your tongue so that your words build up instead of tear down people. When we change the way we act and react, we are a different person which means people have to react differently to us, and that means a changed experience of life. These insights from I Corinthians 13 could change the atmosphere in your home or at work; these biblical insights could set you free from the emotional hooks of dysfunctional people. This series will show you why unconditional love is always the better choice!
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