How God Can Help You Live Your Best Life

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Jesus promised to give ‘the abundant life’ – the best life! Money cannot buy it; neither can sucess bring it. Plenty of people succeed in making money but flunk life! Why? Because what counts in life is what’s going on inside of us. If the inside of us is not right, then it doesn’t matter how successful we are with outside things. This series will teach you how to keep control of your inside life regardless of what is happening on the outside. You will learn: why your experiences as a child affected you more than you may realize. · How to stop feeling defective. · Why our expectations keep us from enjoying people. · How not to let busted dreams ruin your life. · How to stay positive when nothing is going right. · How to take back control of your life when people disappoint you. This is a series that will encourage you to live a better life than your situation says you have right to enjoy!
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