Getting Healthy: Overcoming Hurts, Habits And Hang-Ups

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This series is for everyone because the biggest obstacle to happiness is us. Life can be hard. People hurt us, and those hurts fester in us and mess us up. We develop unhealthy habits we can’t break. We have hang-ups that sabotage our life.

Is it time to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and get healthy again emotionally, physically, and spiritually? These messages are biblical, have lots of humor, and will help you take back control of your life.
In this series you will:

· Learn practical spiritual principles for healing hurts from the past.
· Find power to break bad habits that are dragging you down.
· Learn how to enjoy God’s forgiveness no matter what you have done.
· Find power to live a joy-filled life regardless of your circumstances.
· Be motivated to stop making excuses and start solving problems.
· Learn how to trust God to meet your deepest needs.
· Develop confidence that Jesus is on your side.

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