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Almost every day we find our self in the ring! Something happens, and we are instantly in the fight - - not with someone else, but with our self!


We are in the ring, our best self fighting our worst self, our Christian self fighting our old self.


Titles in this series are:

1/22/17   Forgive? Never!!! (Rene Napier & Eric Smallridge interview)

1/29/17   How To Stop Fear Torturing You!

2/5/17     Fighting the Comparison Trap

2/12/17   The Fight You Must Win To Be Happy

2/19/17   How To Fight Your Temptations!

2/26/17   Don't Keep Staring At Closed Doors!

3/5/17     Fighting Giving Up (Travis Mills interview)

3/12/17            When You Secretly Feel Defective

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