Do You Think I Am Pretty?

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A series on building self-esteem in yourself and those you love.
From the tender places of every person’s heart comes that question. And not from women only. Men ask the same question but in a different form. Men too want to know if they are worth noticing. Or am I only a wallflower at the dance of life? Every woman wants to be wanted, to be delighted in, to be desired despite her warts and weaknesses. So does every man and child. “Do you think I am pretty?” is deep within every soul. We pretend we don’t care. And we may not care about physical beauty, but we all crave to be cherished with an unfailing love.
You will learn in this series:

  • How to protect yourself in a family or marriage where affirmation is rare and criticism is plentiful.
  • How to transform negative talk patterns in a family to uplifting patterns.
  • How to change yourself from your own worst critic to developing God’s view of you.
  • How to build healthy self-esteem in your children without making them prideful.
  • Why pride makes you a misery-maker while self-esteem makes you a blessing.

The tremendous power you have in the daily practice of affirmation. This is a series for anyone who has children or grandchildren, who is a workaholic or a perfectionist, who is thin-skinned and struggles with anger, who lives in a family where the talking tears you down, who feels like the wallflower at a dance no one asks to dance.
Practical. Biblical. Life-changing.
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