Count Me In!

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God has created us for a bigger purpose than self-fulfillment and pleasure. He created us for significance in eternity, which we only find when we fulfill the purpose for which we were created. And that purpose is to be a player on the greatest team in history – God’s team! In the first century the church turned the world upside down and it needs to happen again in America! The church, which is us, is the Body of Christ – the hands and feet and mouth of Jesus on earth. God created you to be a player in the game, not to stand on the sidelines and cheer.

This series has a lot of humor, and on DVD some very moving clips and pictures.

You will learn:

· How in history God’s team elevated women, set slaves free, and demolished racism.
· The amazing things God is doing through FPC, especially in bringing all races together here.
· Why conversion – FPC’s purpose — is the greatest social action in the world.
· What you will experience in heaven if you were a player for God’s team on earth.
· What you will miss in heaven if you stay on the sidelines.
· How God has shaped and equipped you for a spot on His team.

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