Building A Close Relationship In a World Of Break-ups

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Too many people forfeit control of their happiness to people and circumstances. Never forfeit control of your life to anything or anyone in this world! That’s why the messages on Sunday are practical and help people solve problems. Some of the titles of the individual messages are: • "Four Things That Guarantee A Close Relationship!" • "Five Ways Women Hurt Men But They’re Too Proud To Tell You" • "When You Marry, Their Parents Always Move In Too – Even If They Are Dead!" • "How To Sensitize A Man Too Your Needs Without Criticizing Him!" • "How to Forgive When You Are Really Angry!" • "The Three Biggest Reasons Good Relationships Turn Bad!" • "Things Wives Need That Men Can’t Buy At Home Depot!" • "The One Thing A Man Can’t Do Without – And It’s Not Sex!" • "Close Relationships Do This Everyday!" • "How One Person Can Improve A Marriage Alone!" This series will: • Enlarge your imagination about what’s possible • Encourage you. • Teach you proven principles anyone can do. • Help you break bad cycles
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