Anger: The Devil's Bait

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Anger is a bigger problem than most people will admit. Stuffed anger, quiet anger, unexpressed anger is still anger, and it causes a lot of misery. The Bible says don’t let the sun go down on our anger or it will give the devil a foot into our life (Ephesians 4:27). Anger is the devil’s bait. Anger, if we don’t get rid of it quickly, gets us feeling like a victim, and a victim thinks that anything they do in retaliation is not bad but justice. That explains why nice people are capable of doing very hurtful things, even to people they love. In this series you will learn:

What the cry behind our anger is.

Why no one can make us angry without our permission.

Why it is a sad and biblically untrue to insist “I have a right to my feelings.”

How to talk yourself past anger to a constructive response.

How to identify the real reason you are angry which is rarely what you thought.

Why anger says more about us than it does the other person.

The simple ABC’s of living without resentment and bitterness.

Some simple self-tests to see if you have stuffed your anger and are in denial.

How to keep critics from bothering you even though you can’t stop them from criticizing you.

Why forgiving a person of the inexcusable is the best thing for you and how to do it.

This is a series that will teach you better ways of handling anger. Life is too short to lug anger and resentment around another day. Let these messages change your mental and emotional habits and start to live anger-free!

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