Satan: Your Invisible Enemy & Spiritual Warfare

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SATAN: Your Invisible Enemy & Supernatural War A new series by Dr. Mike about spiritual warfare and Satan. We cannot see black holes in space but they are dangerous and real. So is Satan! The Bible says the devil is our supernatural enemy. He wants us not to believe he exists; then we are defenseless! Or he wants us to dismiss him as a comic figure in red tights and a pitchfork In this series you will hear:

· Proof that Satan exists.

· How he shoots thoughts into us.

· The 1st lie Satan said and keeps repeating.

· How he destroys families.

· Ways he wants to use you!

· The occult is not safe!

· Your weapons to defeat him.

· How he uses even Christians as a tool.

1. Satan: Real Or Myth? 10/8/2017

2. How To Win THOUGHT Wars! 10/15/2017

3. Why Not Enjoy Our Temptations? 10/22/2017

4. Don't Let Disadvantages Stop You (interview with Mike Singletary) 10/29/2017

5. The #1 Reason Relationships Go Bad! 11/6/2017

6. Pray This And TAKE BACK Your Life! 11/12/2017

7. Anger: Satan's Favorite Bait! 11/19/2017

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